triple well group
seeks to enrich people’s lives around the world by changing the
very nature of clothes through continuous improvement on our
responsibility to the People, Product, Community and

We own and directly operate production facilities.  We respect
for human rights and fair labour conditions. We strive to create
comfortable workplace and enhance employees' satisfaction by
recognizing that talented and dedicated associates are most
important to the strength and stability of the company.

We believe it is not only responsible for manufacturing truly
great clothing that can be worn over a long period, but also for
making sure that the value of clothing is fully utilized through
reuse or recycling.

We will keep abreast of issues facing the international
community and the global environment and will also seek to
grow and develop in unity with the community through unique
corporate activities.

We will take a momentous shift in the way we operate our
business and see the world. We need to change our way of
thinking from take-make-and-waste system to a self sufficient,
reusable, recycled process. Reduce and minimize the negative
environmental effects of manufacturing, operating, resorcing,
post-consuming. T.W.G. starts promoting its
green initiatives.
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