green printing

To be 'GREEN' is not just a BIG buzz word. We started thinking
right from our backyard-office suppliers. We looked our regular
way of business card printing and found many wasted process,
wasted resources. And we often do not know if the printer was
salvaging any resources from the process, either.  One of T.W.G.'s
GREEN goal is to save more resources when we re-design our new
business cards.
 By cutting down the size of the card to a 2" x 2"
format, we fitted 20 cards on a regular 8.5" x 11" 100% recycled
stock paper. By utilizing advanced digital printing technologies,
we saved time and costs of conventional negative proof process
and multiple name printing plates. We are no longer tied with this
wasteful "Minimum Quantity Run" (500 cards per name)
requirement. And last, We found a Green Printer is committed to reduce harmful
waste to the environment with their new organic inks, recycled
paper, and sustainable printing process. They have put saving
measure meter on their website. Customers can measure how
much printing materials saved by various printing formats and
quantities. Now we know how much savings we can contribute to
a better living earth.
In a long run, we can make multiple name printings or frequent
changes at any quantity, anytime. T.W.G. has accomplished its
GREEN goal.

by T.W.G. green editor
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T.W.G. New ECO-friedly card
Triple Well Group Limited
Triple Well Group Limited
Jiansu Province's new future wind
power energy
T.W.G. contributes their
fabirc cutting waste to a new
mop product
green power

Triple Well Group will benefit from new wind power energy in the
near future. Jiangsu Province in China announced earlier that they
will increase investments and expand installed capacity of the
Rudong County wind farm, making it likely to become the world's
largest wind power project built to date, with a total capacity
amounting to 1,050 MW if all three phases are completed
according to plan.

Our manufacturing facilities are very close to Rudong County in
Jiangsu Province where located in the Yangtze River Delta region.
We will take advantage of this new power source after the Wind
Power start to apply to local industries.
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by T.W.G. green editor
new mop life

Triple Well Group is continuing its contribution of their fabirc
cutting waste to a new mop product.  We will often deal with
how to dispose the fabric waste after fabric cutting. Reducing the
impact on our earth is always our ultimate sustainable goal. In
order not to dispose the fabric-cutting waste to our environment,
we collected most of the fabric-cutting waste and sold them to
the mop mills, which is good material source for their mop
production.   This material reuse practise is not only a good value
to environment sustainability but also a saving on our operation
cost which will eventually benefit to our clients.

by T.W.G. green editor